You bakfiets, they bakfiets, everybody bakfietst
May 2, 2008, 9:38 am
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Henry from Bakfiets already layed it out in a comment on Dutchbikeseattle:

If I may be a bit obsessive here, there is already a verb for riding a bakfiets: “bakfietsen”. In its infinitive form its spelled the same as the plural noun but would be conjugated into:
– ik bakfiets (I cargocycle)
– hij/zij bakfietst (he/she cargocycles)
– wij bakfietsen (we cargocycle)
– ik/hij/zij/wij bakfietste (I/he/she/we cargocycled)

bakfietsless? No: “bakfietsloos”
And one more: “bakfietsachtig” being like (but not really) a bakfiets.

In true Copenhagen Girls On Bikes style I shot a pic of a bakfietsster (feminine grammatical gender for ‘bakfietser’) on my way to the office. I call it “Practically Chic”.


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