144 km a day commute…by bike
May 20, 2008, 12:36 pm
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I caught this news item, or should I call it a ‘nugget’?

Flemish military bikes 144 km to work every day

BRUSSELS – His wife and children think he’s nuts. Anything trumps being stuck in traffic, says Flemish military Peter van der Haegen. Hence, he cycles to work every morning, 72 kilometers to Brussels, and back another 72 kilometers to his home in Lummen (Belgian Limburg)

Every morning van der Haegen gets up at 4 to be at work around 6.45, at the military hospital near Brussels. During winter he temporarily switches to train commutes, but as soon as temperatures rise above 6 degrees centigrade he gets back on his bike.

In the summertime van der Haegen likes to take detours to prevent his commute from becoming too boring, he told the Flemish newspaper ‘Het Belang van Limburg’ this Saturday.

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That’s bloddy imazing. I thought my 14 mile (22 km) was long.

Comment by Anonymous

it is amazing..I calculated his average speed, which is over 30 km/h…

I go 10 km/h for my 0.5 km commute 🙂

Comment by mindcaster

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