Me & My Strida
May 20, 2008, 8:48 pm
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In 2006 my company decided to create a team video, depicting each team member in his natural habitat, busy…well, going about his/her business. Naturally, this also involved different modes of transportation through town. Insert my contribution.

A few months earlier I had bought a Strida folding bike, but it had a flat that day. Not to worry, we went over to the Amsterdam Strida office and they helped us out with a loaner. Without much further ado, the following video is my scene from that promo:

(PS: I still have that Strida, but it’s resting…with another flat)

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I remember seeing this video when it came out; it was short but spot on. It’s the speed of folding and unfolding the Strida that makes it so user friendly.

I did a video too. Although it’s not as professional as yours, it does depict the Strida 5 in use on the shoreline of Cozumel, the Mexican island where Jacques Cousteau made scuba diving famous. You can find the video on my Strida 5 folding bike description page.


Comment by Web

hi Larry, thanks for you comment! Great to hear you’d already seen it. I know that video traveled to quite a few places, but I always underestimate it :). The cute part of the story is that Areaware got in contact with me through this video. Small world :).

Your video is great, it shows what it’s all about: practicality, wherever! The Strida 5 is also so much better than series 4.


Comment by mindcaster

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