Encouragement post for Jillian in Mississippi
May 26, 2008, 10:40 pm
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(Aka Buttonsmcsweet)

Amsterdam, originally uploaded by breeblebox.

Amsterdamize - Saturday Cycle

Amsterdamize - Saturday Cycle

Liberation Day

And finally, Jillian, may this last picture give you even more piece of mind:

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Thank you for that. I was actually thinking how eloquently you stated your comments on my blog. So babble on any time. Those women are super moms, and I so admire them.

Comment by Jillian

those supermums must have steel muscles, it would be nice to see them oround here, je je. the argentinian woman is very pretty, but I think they couldn`t pedal with 2 kids and bags. great blog, nice shots. Congratulations.
Josè Marìa from La Patagonia Argentina

Comment by Almafuerte

Anytime! (my parents will be glad my upbringing/education paid off)

if so, then all moms in Amsterdam have super powers…and believe me, it’s all practice in the end 🙂

Comment by mindcaster

hi Josè Marìa!! Thanks so much!

As far as I know human history, anything is possible. Petite, big, muscular, it doesn’t matter, it’s all in the head :). Oh, that and a little practice. Be bold, be very bold! 🙂

Hope to see you back!

Comment by mindcaster

This is a beautiful post. I hope to join this club someday not too many years away.

Comment by chic cyclist

appreciate that! And…Yes, You Can! 🙂

Comment by mindcaster

Hi! I read Jillian’s original post on her blog — and it actually brings up a question. Why don’t the Dutch export bikes and such to the U.S.? I read a very, very short explanation on a U.K.-based bike shop site that mentioned something about Dutch safety standards impeding the export of bikes and bike accessories. Being the “Amsterdamize” blog — do you happen to know anything more detailed on the issue?

Comment by Elaine

hi Elaine, that question is a valid one but easy to answer.
Dutch bike companies would have loved to dominate in the US market. But for decades it made no economic sense. No demand (odd models, no similar biking culture (infrastructure, hence no sign of any potential growth), let alone setting up a distribution network with dealers. So, they focused on Europe and if ever demand would pick up, the initiative would have to come from US dealers themselves, individually setting up imports. No bulk/stock, but on actual orders. And we see that now, and growing.

Regarding the safety issues: the US approach to regulated bike safety is much different to ours, so I’d go along with that. But I think that is something (mostly) of the past. A lot of (child) accessories originate from here and I would go as far by saying that any modern (or retro) Dutch bike can lay those issues to rest. 🙂

Comment by amsterdamize

Amsterdamize, thanks so much! I sort of hope gas prices keep skyrocketing so we have a valid excuse to get a steady flow of Gazelles coming into the U.S., if it’s pure economics. 😉 I see your point, considering that most Americans equate cycling with neon spandex jerseys and cycling shorts. And I didn’t mean to imply that the U.S. has better bike safety standards — I actually assumed the opposite, seeing as there are probably more people biking in the Netherlands alone than in the U.S. as a whole! Which was part of my confusion, lol.

Comment by Elaine

Call me Marc 🙂
I couldn’t wrap my head around the flip side of that safety issue, maybe it was because of the general US notion I’ve come across the last few years that most European building structures wouldn’t be possible because of the US code, when I thought (as I’ve lived in the US and come from a construction family) it would be the other way round. 🙂

Anyhoo, leaving that confusion behind, I hope so too!

Comment by amsterdamize

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