A Man Can Dream
May 29, 2008, 8:58 pm
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Pashley Gov’nor, originally uploaded by mindcaster.

I’ve never bought a specialty bike in my life. A bike’s a bike, you go from A to B, no fuss. You know, Dutch pragmatism.

My renewed love for biking, accompanied by the slow build of my bike blog, got me into a lot of browser shopping, looking for something smooth, something vintage, something that would elevate my moments on the road…excuse me, bike lane.

A few weeks ago I clicked into the Pashley Gov’nor. Instant bookmark and my curiosity grew by the day. Weighing it against so many practical reasons why I shouldn’t want to buy it, I’ve now decided.

This summer I will glide. And I need it him to go with me on at least one Europe city trip…I’m sure it he won’t object.

Yes, I think this one will get his own name) I shall call him Henry.

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Beautiful bike, a gentleman’s bike.

He needs a gracious name.

Comment by Charlotte

yup!…now, how am I going to speed up the purchase process…:)

Comment by mindcaster

It’s a dark day for Danish/Dutch design when you opt for an Britbike. .-)

Comment by Zakkaliciousness

haha, I realize that..who knows, maybe I can be swayed…:)

Comment by mindcaster

Aww! Zakk!

There might not be much left of the Brit cycle industry, but at least it’s the quality stuff.

Pashley… Brompton…


Comment by WestfieldWanderers

my words exactly, wfw! 🙂

Comment by mindcaster

This is the kind of bike i will buy like a piece of art. But for a trip in Europe i prefer Dutch or Danish bikes, with,at lease, two speeds, one for the city and one for the road.
Felicitation for your new baby! Send us pictures.

Comment by Stéphane Brault

Henry will be designated to creme de la creme trips :). As soon as it’s become my adopted son I will most certainly post baby pictures! 🙂

Comment by mindcaster

Did you bought it or not ? If yes, show us some pictures and review it ! I’m trying to convince my family that whe really need one… get us more reasons to buy it !

Comment by Tiago

hi Tiago, I didn’t buy it yet, unfortunately, but reading your plea, you’ll be the first to know!

Comment by amsterdamize

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