Amsterdam wedding in 2008
May 31, 2008, 3:18 pm
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It’s not only cute, it makes total sense to me.

Wedding 2008

Or you bring your own cycle chicness..
Wedding 2008

The bride is making sure everybody is comfortable.
Wedding 2008

Ready to go to the wedding reception/party.
Wedding 2008

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is that real? I can`t beliave that, it`s just amazing! Total sense to me too. But make me bad, because we are so far from that in my country. Nice job bro, keep on riding!
Almafuerte from La Patagonia Argentina

Comment by Almafuerte

haha, Almafuerte, you crack me up. Yes, it IS! 🙂

Instead of limo’s the newly weds hired bike taxis.

Just think, one day the bike will be on the top modes of transportation and this scene will be common in a lot more countries. Either tomorrow or in a few years from now. Spread the news and I’ll keep riding! 🙂

Comment by mindcaster

Is it common in Amsterdam or just in vogue this year? I love the idea, i hope it gonna be common in a near future all over the planet.

Great blog! Thank you for sharing Amsterdam bike culture with us!

Comment by Stéphane Brault

Thanks for your support, Stephane, it’s easy to keep cycle blogging like this! I’ve seen weddings with guests on regular bikes (pretty common), but this was first time I saw bike taxis involved.Knowing how bike trends go in Amsterdam (it’s a small town after all) I see a bright future for this phenomenon.

Comment by mindcaster

OK, I totally want bike taxis for my wedding after seeing these pics. Can you have them in the United States by September? Thanks.

Nice blog, I just found it. I visited your fine city 10 years ago and loved it! I wish we had the biking infrastructure you do over here. Any place where the bikes get the green light at traffic lights before cars is alright in my book.

Comment by Dan

‘Welcome back’, Dan :).

I don’t know where in the US you live, and how big your megaphone is, but I’ve also told a bike friend in Portland to spread the word about these taxis ( from Germany builds and exports the most popular model) and start this business, because it’s booming!
‘Cause ya never know, do you? 😉

Comment by mindcaster

My wife LOVED it! She/we own a Bridal Salon and are always looking for a different angle, we have decorated our tandem, rented a rickshaw, etc. I have been attempting to justify the cost of a Bakfiets..;-)


Comment by 2whls3spds

Aaron, great! Obviously, I hope your bakfiets campaign will succeed 🙂

Comment by mindcaster

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