Something’s Itching
June 3, 2008, 8:01 pm
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Op de fiets (on my bike), originally uploaded by FotoRolf.

I’ve started more blogs in the last decade than I can count. Some slowly died, got replaced or lived on in the limelight of the interwebs.

The ones that survived and I enjoyed updating the most, were and are videoblogs (and you’ve seen a few on this blog by now) In the same way that I’m a Flickr addict, video brings out the creativity in me. “Hi, my name is Marc and I’m a vlogger.”

When this cycle blog saw the light of day I had a good feeling about it, but now, I’m amazed and happy with the responses it has generated, thank you all for that! It’s a good sign that I almost feel quilty when I don’t post something every day…

Anyhoo, the thing that’s itching is that I need video to become an integral part of this blog. I’ve thought of interesting angles, episode formats and I can’t wait to start shooting. Sure, I’ve done many cycle vlog episodes over the last years, but I figured these videos need to be more in line with this blog’s mantra, pushing the bike culture, providing clues, big and small. Instructive, panoramic, cultural, sidestepping, personal, etc.

So, not too long from now, don’t be surprised when your RSS 2.0 feed delivers something extra in its enclosure.

Happy biking, y’all!

(PS: after Google’s major server hickups the last few days, my sidebar items are not where they should be..they’re all at the bottom of the page. I hope that gets fixed soon.)

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Is wordpress better than blogspot?

Comment by bluefish

much better. More user-friendly, more options, looks better. I started with Blogger because so many other cycle blogs were on Blogger, but I should have known better..last time before Amsterdamize I used Blogger for anything was 2004.

Comment by amsterdamize

Congrats on the successful move to the WordPress platform. It looks like WordPress is handling the site much better than Blogger was.

Comment by Nick

Hey Nick! Thanks, yeah, it does, should’ve known better :-).

Comment by amsterdamize

Hi Marc! bring the videos!
I like very much these new blog and one of the reasons i dig it is because these biking and sustainability thing is getting so so important for everyone or at list it should.

Comment by despauterio

I’ll chime in on congratulating you and encouraging you on picking up this blog. Its shown me another dimension of you, other than the crazy twitter maniac πŸ˜€

Already you got some great pics and stories on her, looking forward to the videos. I can see this will be another place I’ll be wasting much time…


Comment by adam

@zenuno: I will! And thanks for that, glad you wanna be part of the ride πŸ™‚

@Adam: you’re too kind, sir! I also guess I will have at least one subscriber I won’t scare off when the going gets tough πŸ™‚

Comment by amsterdamize

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