Perfectly Normal
June 4, 2008, 7:59 pm
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Practice, originally uploaded by mindcaster.

She’s on her way to field hockey practice/training, in casual club sporting gear (nice logo), hockey stick in her left hand while on the handle bar, bag over shoulder…then her phone rings, you see her reaching for that. No wobbling, no fuss, completely at ease and comfortable.

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I actually thought her field hockey stick was one of those walking canes that aid blind people, and I was like holy crap that is a woman who either knows her road, or is crazy/suicidal

Comment by NikkiJade

that is SO hot. Dutch chicks got SKILLLLZ!

Comment by adam

@Nikki: ROFL, only you would think of that! xx

@Adam: dude! Of COURSE their skills are hot! 🙂

Comment by amsterdamize

Normal except she’s going to play field hockey, which is hardly a normal, widespread sport. Funny how the Dutch love it, along with a few other countries. The Danes love their handball and badminton – just as strange. 🙂

Comment by Mikael

haha, you’re something special, a few other countries? It’s even an Olympic sport?…Just like badminton :).

Comment by amsterdamize

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