Run While You Still Can…Either Way [Update]
June 9, 2008, 12:16 pm
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The Night Watch statues clad in orange t-shirts
The Night Watch statues on Rembrandt Square suffered from an orange mob job.

I case you didn’t know…the European Football Championship 2008 kicked off last Saturday in Austria/Switzerland. Football, yes. To a lot of you known as soccer.

The public excitement for this is great, another excuse to party and to feel just a wee bit proud of your country while it lasts. This, of course, unleashes a great deal of commercials, people buying into it just for the hell of it and go nuts. 

Tonight the Dutch team will kick off their championship adventure against Italy (current World Champions), which I’m sure will generate a lot of emotions in many public establishments in Amsterdam. 

So, if you love football and some party mayhem and you are not allergic to the colour orange, stick around. If you don’t…run.

Update: I’m speechless…we won 3-0!!!! …and I’m drunk, now.

Some pics I took when I biked to Cafe The Barking Fish:
0), Euro 2008
Cafe Thijssen terrace on Lindengracht, Jordaan

0), Euro 2008
Cafe The Barking Fish on Westerstraat, Jordaan

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Ah, the Euro Championship, yet another opportunity for England to underachieve and disappoint. Havent followed it at all over here, not surprising, it is a minor minor sport and gets no coverage.

How did Holland do?

Comment by adam

Well, En-ge-land didn’t qualify, unfortunately :-(, Holland did ‘quite’ well in their opening match, beating Italy (World Champions 2006) 3:0, much to my suprise, as their qualifying wasn’t that uplifting.

I heard there’s a new commentator on ESPN that actually knows his stuff, you could try that.

Comment by amsterdamize

Independent Liverpool FC Website

Comment by Kop-TV

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