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June 12, 2008, 4:56 pm
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Here are some excerpts from regular/local Amsterdam and Dutch national news outlets. (The English translations are mine.)

From our local newspaper Het Parool: (published from the national press agency ANP)

Tree Root Pressure On Sarphatistraat Dealt With
“Good news for all cyclists who frequently commute via Sarphatistraat. For years they got ‘launched’ by the bump in the road near the Amsterdam-Amstelland Police Academy. As of this week, however, the bump is gone. Finito. Disappeared.
According to Denise Juthan of the Communication Department of the city of Amsterdam, these bumps were caused by ‘root pressure’. The tree roots alongside Sarphatistraat’s bike lane were pushing up the asphalt. Having received many complaints about this over a long period of time, the bigger ‘thorny’ problems are now dealt with. First locally, and next year the smaller bumps will also be taken care of during the city’s ‘general maintenance’ round, putting down all new asphalt.”

Amsterdam Bike Theft Probability Goes Down
AMSTERDAM – Most Amsterdammers won’t risk it anyway. Their brand new bikes will stay indoors and for their commutes downtown their old and rusty bike will do the trick. Yet, the odds for bike theft are declining, municipal research shows.

Transporation official Tjeerd Herrema announced that the risk of having your bike stolen is now hovering at 8 procent. In 2001 that percentage was twice as high. The city counsel is aiming for 6 procent in the next few years. diefstal

According to the counsel, one of the most important means to battle the bike thiefs is the Amsterdamse Fiets Afhandel Centrale (AFAC), roughly translated into ‘Amsterdam Bicycle Processing Center’. All bikes that are removed or found are processed here, registered and referenced whether they have been stolen.

This program has put Amsterdam ahead of the curve, but other cities like Zwolle, Tilburg, IJmond also initiated such a center. Nijmegen is about to start one.

Amsterdam has about 550.000 bikes that are actively used. The AFAC has so far registered, cross-checked and coded 25% of them. Once it’s established a bike was stolen, it will be returned to the rightful owner.

‘British Designated Biker Often Pissed Drunk’ 
AMSTERDAM – Els Iping (Labour Party), chair woman of the City Center Counsel, is declaring war on the Bike Cafe. This vehicle, which can carry 10 to 17 people at a time and enables drinking while biking, will shortly be banned from the city center. According to the chair woman, the riding cafe is causing too much trouble in the inner city of Amsterdam.


Iping decided to intervene after the police had confirmed the increasing number of complaints about loud and drunk British tourists, wobbling into people and traffic.

Their presence in the city is growing, going by the names of The Bike Cafe, The Ladies Bar (my link insertion to my video post) and The Corny Bike Cafe.

Officially, the beer bike is not supposed to be steered under the influence. At least one person in the group needs to be sober. “However”, says Iping, “reality shows us that the British designated biker is also pissed drunk. Even if he/she is not, they are aggravating and hindering other cyclists at an unacceptable level.”

On Iping’s initiative, the Justice Department, police and City Center Counsel have decided to ban the bike cafes.

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So the mobile bike cafes serving alcohol are banned now?

Comment by walkeaglerock

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