Sucking it up
June 12, 2008, 10:45 am
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Adam sent me the link to a (year old) video of 17 Bicycle‘s (Japan) semi-recumbent bike…introducing the idea to put a roof on it for those pesky rainy days.

The bike itself looks comfortable, fast and easy to control, I’d love to go for a spin. I understand the idea for the roof. The company’s also aiming at the US market, so adding this feature would work well both as a sales gimmick and actually have people interested.

Now, let me get back to my own frame of mind. Biking through the rain isn’t fun. Especially during winters. And don’t get me started about how often I’ve cursed Dutch weather, going from A to B. Always at the worst possible time, often accompanied by gusting winds that would make any Amsterdammer blow a fuse.
But…we don’t know any better. Both the intrinsic (DNA) need to bike and the obvious chance of rain (often out of nowhere!) has firmly conditioned us. Mostly, we DON’T whine about it, and we all remember our childhood, when parents would by default say: “You’re not made of sugar!” (As in: it’s only water, you’re not going to disintegrate). Same goes for snow, you just adapt (It’s fun, too).

So, it’s no surprise if I tell you that the Dutch just bike it off. Yeah, you get wet, but you’ll dry up again. Any attempt to keep completely dry is futile, no matter what you do. Sure, without much wind we’ll carry that umbrella, in other cases we’ll put on a raincoat, or even those sweaty plastic trousers, but since it’s all so distracting and cumbersome, we just don’t bother. We don’t ride any less because of it. We just suck it up.

Not all the time riding bicycle in Amsterdam is fun, originally uploaded by Kromag.

This is how it works in Amsterdam!, originally uploaded by To Tof.

Girl on bike Amsterdam (B&W), originally uploaded by Heorot2107.

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“You’re not made of sugar!” I love that. Will have to remember to use it on my son.

You hardy northeners, you just suck it up. Whilst us lowly Islanders made a national pastime of groaning about the weather.

The UK is much the same and I remember, not fondly, of going for a ride on my (motor)cycle on a hot sunny day, only to get soaked on the ride home 😦

Those are some great pics you found too. Love ’em.

Comment by adam

lol, I wonder what his reaction will be the first time you use it 😉

Comment by amsterdamize

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