Amsterdam Through Strangers’ Eyes
June 23, 2008, 1:31 pm
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I think it’s fascinating to know how people visiting Amsterdam view this quirky town. I talk to many of them (I like to think) and I hear a wide variety of insights, bold stories and impressions in general (which has me tied in knots sometimes, attempting to debunk some myths :)). Anyhoo, one of my favorite online activities is going through the pictures they post online. Either shot with broad strokes or with a fine sense for details, they expose what truly inspires them, almost saying to me: “Do you even realize how special this town is?”

Yes, these pictures amplify and sustain the reason I started this blog: I won’t take it for granted anymore.

texting and biking, originally uploaded by zoinkydoink.

Front Seat Driver, originally uploaded by marcus_a.
“After a super early morning bus ride to the airport, we finally arrived in Amsterdam. Walking the streets and getting a sense of the surroundings was hard. Everything looked the same. building, coffee shops, and people riding on bicycles everywhere. With that said, it was a pleasant feeling to know that people didn’t always need to drive gas gusseler to get around.”

Biking, originally uploaded by sevennine.
“What would a trip to Amsterdam be without biking around the city? I don’t know. My buddy (a head of me) went for a little photo excursion via bike. I with Toronto was more bike-friendly.”

Bikepooling, originally uploaded by gussifer.

Gazelle, originally uploaded by Alex280370.

Amsterdam morning rush II, originally uploaded by frenzypic.
“most people are biking in the morning to get to the office or the kindergarden”

Bikes are widely used in Amsterdam, originally uploaded by rayuma.


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Have you seen that mum with 3 kids and that heavy bike!? Is it real? jesus! iron legs! I would put her the 9 shirt in my soccer team, ja ja. just joking. It`s just a dream for me, we are far away from that way of living. Only a few people can see it here. But I still beliave in a change.
Saludos! de La Patagonia Argentina

Comment by Josè Marìa

hahahaha, you’re cracking me up 🙂
it’s very real, she and many more. I suggest you try to visit Amsterdam at least once to see it for yourself!
Of course I hope that change will come some day. And seeing how much it is happening already, maybe even sooner than you think.

Groeten uit Amsterdam!

Comment by amsterdamize

Hi Amsterdamize,

I’m trying to find an email to contact you, but I can’t seem to find one.

Please send me a email at p-l.auclair[AT], I have some questions you might help me with!



Comment by plauclair

Pierre-Luc, at your service! 🙂

Comment by amsterdamize

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