Amsterdamize : A Bicycle Commute Vlog
June 24, 2008, 7:02 pm
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Bringing you along on one of my A to B A to B to C to B bicycle commutes through downtown Amsterdam. Mind you, there is some occasional swearing involved, not safe for work. 🙂

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Thats what we want to see!!
Thank you very much! That is the kind of video from Amsterdam i’ve searched on the web without any success.
Better than any Grolsch ad, with 70″s old dutch bikes and windmills.. Things that we see usually in Canada to promote tourism in Netherland.
This is the first time i see, in video, real life with traffic noises and everyday life moments in Amsterdam.
Thank you again!

Comment by Stephane

you’re welcome, Stephane, I try to keep it as real as possible, including the occasional swearing…maybe it’s better to choose a less stressful day next time 🙂

I’ll do my best to keep the coming videos interesting, mixing up the scenery and dynamics of every day biking.

cheers & salut!

Comment by amsterdamize

Hello again, this is amazing!!!
All I’ve seen from Amsterdam was from tourist information, tourists pictures and, of course, from your blog. I am so pleased to see you on your bike on a A to B commute, it’s so nice to see real life!!!
On my side of the planet, it’s impossible to see bike traffic like this.
I’ve played it with original sound and sound off, and then with Jacques Brel, “Marieke”, in background. It’s a pleasure to see it again and again!!!

Comment by manon

Great video, Marc! I love to live my bike-riding life vicariously thru you!

Comment by Nick

Manon, it’s a joy to hear that! And playing it with “Marieke”..awesome, MUCH better than listening to my ramblings ;-).

I hope to post more soon, but until then, I suggest you go and watch this dimension of Amsterdam biking…(if you haven’t already)

Comment by amsterdamize

Thanks, Nick! I hate to break it to ya, but you sooooo owe me a bike vlog. Bike + camera = serve your master. 🙂

Comment by amsterdamize

Have you seen this one?

LIVE! From Amsterdam! LOL


Comment by 2whls3spds

the DonnieCam, yes! I’ve seen it, good fun! Thanks for the reminder!

I’ve been doing that from my cell phone the last year, you can see a few (then) live bike videos in the archives here.

Comment by amsterdamize

That was great fun – I felt like I was peddling alongside you. A few tense moments, just like the US, but overall so pleasant and serene. How did you hold the camera so you could safely ride – was it in your hand or did you have it rigged up somehow? Thanks for the post – it transported me far away… Kind of a theme for me today.

Comment by Sigrid

hi Sigrid! Glad you enjoyed that, thanks for your comment!

I just held the camera in one hand, steered with the other, easy 🙂

Stay tuned/subscribed for more of this!

Comment by amsterdamize

very nice riding with you le tour de Amsterdam, gracias amigo!

Comment by Josè Marìa

I saw my house.. you should have waved with your other hand. Also your A to B commute is really round about.. more like A to C to B. 😉

Comment by bicyclemark

thanks and you’re welcome, Jose!

Mark, I know, I should have rung your bell, too…and sshh, at B I thought going down Kinkerstraat would be interesting, bonus C 🙂

Comment by amsterdamize

I’m curious, why the name ‘mindcaster’? Cool name, just curious. When I was young, like 13, and wanted a cool name for my online presence I went under ‘killer_rocks’…. there was absolutely no story behind it but is there a story behind mindcaster? Awesome vid– oh and “ACTIVIST!” (re: “call me an activist…” I’ve gotten upset with people acting like idiots when cycling in LA

Comment by walkeaglerock

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