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June 25, 2008, 10:27 am
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It’s been a long time since I last checked WhereTheHellisMatt, the quasi-famous ‘guy who dances on the internet’. A few days ago he posted a video update:

However quirky the backdrop of this tale is, it’s obvious the message is simply very powerful and mesmerizing. Thinking about it for a few seconds, I saw the similarities between this and the cycle life many of us like to promote and share with others, posting our experiences online, be it by text, photos or video. A message of ‘get on and just ride’, no matter where you are.

So, my idea is to setup a little project in a similar fashion…without the need to travel (of course I wouldn’t mind). Let’s give it a working title for now, ‘Where The Hell Is My Bike’:

  • Put your inhibitions aside
  • Take your (phone) camera (all of them have video mode these days)
  • Get on your bike, like you always do
  • Ride!
  • Shoot while riding (this involves some practice, but it’s easy, really)
  • Any route will do
  • Two angles: 1) filming straight ahead, 2) filming yourself (stretch your arm sideways and point your camera at yourself and hold.
  • Send your footage to me. (We’ll sort out how, by any means. The interwebs are cool with that)


What you reckon? Can we do this?

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Honestly, I had never seen any of these “Dancing Around the World” videos! As it turns out not only are there others of Matt but Eiko and more! Kinda gives you some idea of where Ellen De Generis might be getting her impetus to dance from. Wonderful video! Glad you posted it!

Comment by Eric Vann

It certainly is way out there on the ‘cool board’, Eric. Hadn’t thought of the Ellen DG link, makes sense now :).

Btw, are you having trouble with your server? Because I haven’t been able to load your site for 2 days in a row now.

Comment by amsterdamize

hey, great idea. maybe i’ll pull my old velocipede off the hooks, pump up the tyres and go for a spin…Look out orange County

Comment by adam mercado

I loved this Matt video. Liked how he involved other people. Watching the different moves and clothing was great. Sometimes I really hate ‘people’ but watching something like this and ya know people aint so bad.

Comment by adam mercado

alright! putting you down on the list, looking forward! 🙂

Yeah, when I read the story, it was funny to know a lazy bum like that would amount to anything..hehe. A little luck didn’t hurt either. 😉

Comment by amsterdamize

I did a long ride today, and took some video with this in mind….

There are some where I’m not moving (the deer) but I was on bike….

Comment by murky

wow, quite the scenery for a bike ride! Thanks for that, Murky, it’s in the bin! 🙂

Comment by amsterdamize

Post for the ride is here:

(note, all of those videos, along with any photos on flickr are geotagged).

Comment by murky

excellent! And so noted!

Comment by amsterdamize

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