City Cycle Chic Fabric
June 30, 2008, 5:51 pm
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City Cycle Chic Fabric
Rush hour has officially started.

City Cycle Chic Fabric
Tres Chic.

City Cycle Chic Fabric
Checking hair, effortlessly.

City Cycle Chic Fabric
Back from the office, presumably on his way to pick up the kids.

City Cycle Chic Fabric
No comment needed.

City Cycle Chic Fabric
Pause & chat before going seperate ways.

City Cycle Chic Fabric
SUV’s parking at Vondelpark playground.

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Wonderful photographs of your city. I hope and pray that Chicago can one day resemble this!

Comment by beezodog

Hope so too!


Comment by amsterdamize

Noone should promote amterdam as they promote self-abuse through drug use. You are a disgrace to the earth.

Comment by c24lightning

obviously you’re ill-informed, but that’s ok.

Comment by amsterdamize

There’s pictures are really great, the “no comment needed” one is superb!!! Whish I could be there right now. I hope Montréal could be a bit like Amsterdam too, taking pleasure of riding your bike while checking if your hair’s ok, park your bike and go play with your kids in a beautiful park, chating with friends on two wheels, … that what’s seem to be real life to me with tolerance, liberties and, most of all, respect of each other choices !!!

Comment by Manon

thanks for those kind words, Manon. Of course, not all is peachy and peaceful. But 40 years of sustained effort and a touch of calvanistic pragmatism have certainly paid off. 😉

Comment by amsterdamize

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