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July 8, 2008, 10:45 am
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Back to the future! I watched this last night, but couldn’t for the life of me find the real video embed stuff (way to go MSNBC!). No panic, of course another bike blogger would’ve seen it too! Bingo:

On so many levels this has never happened to me:
1. I watched the news and felt upbeat and excited afterwards
2. I watched the news and two stories (1 & 2) in a row were showing what used to be ‘alternative’ ideas as mainstream.
3. I watched the news because I turned it on, and I didn’t walk away
Thank goodness I was waiting for Hub to get ready to go get his bike at the shop or these great things would have never have happened to me.


building a bicycle infrastructure in Boston

building a bicycle infrastructure in Boston

I think this news item is good, but when it comes to exposure, building awareness and promoting usage, the web is already light years ahead. I just know the cycle phenomenon has grown way bigger in the US than most assume right now. It’s just a sad state of affairs that one still needs acknowledgment from the MSM to feel legit, public scrutiny and all.

(Speaking of scrutiny: no, I couldn’t even embed the video on Amsterdamize. The code is not compatible. But I’m happy linking you to a fellow bicycle nut…)

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I’m not sure why in the world you would be watching US news – :p, but I’m glad you did. I swear you have the bike world tapped into your veins!

Yes, we shouldn’t seek validation from the media and all, but in this country one takes what they can get. Funny they chose Portland – that was an easy one. I was just happy to hear for one moment on a news program something other than that which we have been fed the last 5 years.

Comment by Sigrid

PS how do you change those pictures? I really am not angry with glasses.

Comment by Sigrid

Before reading this, I’d already answered your question on myhyggelig, quite in sync 🙂

I follow all world news that is relevant, including crazy ass, lazy, distorting and dishonest outlets. You gotta know your enemies/the ill-informed to understand them. And it has nothing to do with ‘fair & balanced’, because there are no ‘two 50% sides of the issue’. Plus, yes, I’m very well organized when it comes to news feeds.

I don’t have taps on the avatars, unfortunately, but you could by creating an account on

Comment by amsterdamize

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