Amsterdamize : Soaking Cycling
July 10, 2008, 12:57 pm
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Yesterday I was in London for the day and the city lived up to its reputation, the rain never stopped (I know, the weather will never cease to be a topic of conversation, sigh). I saw a few bikes parked, spotted one daring city cyclist on the road near Wimbledon park, but despite these nasty conditions, that particular British cycle commuter had sort of a Dutch touch to his demeanor: no rain jacket, no poncho, no nothing.

After my return last night I mentioned to a friend that a whole day of non-stop rain is rarely the case in the Netherlands. Yes, it rains a lot, too, but it comes in spades. One moment you’d feel like going to the beach, next thing you know the place is flooding. In short, usually you can’t count on any prediction.

‘Usually’ is the segway to this part of the post. Because, funny thing, today London’s climatic seizure moved here. Jolly. This of course gave me an opportunity to do a photo series on Amsterdam cyclists in the rain:

Soaking Cycling
Ride it out, brother.

Soaking Cycling
Tucked in at the front, cycle chic at the wheel.

Soaking Cycling
Another high tech Amsterdamize solution.

Soaking Cycling
She only ‘popped the hood’ on her sweater.

Soaking Cycling
Optical illusion, it’s still raining.

See more in the Amsterdamize : Soaking Cycling photo set.

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Love the Orange and Black!

Comment by Charlotte

thanks! It seems more people do, too. Next time I see that person pass, I’ll tell her. šŸ˜‰

Comment by amsterdamize

Seems like the best solution for rain in a bike commute is this: get wet! Though fenders and chain guards must help some.

Comment by Tom

for sure, Tom! šŸ™‚

And yeah, fenders and chain guards come standard on all Dutch bikes.

Comment by amsterdamize

Basil makes a slick little bracket and umbrella assembly…I usually wear a poncho, or get wet.


There, fixed. šŸ™‚

Comment by 2whls3spds

First, reading ‘Basil’ caused a little ‘Fawlty’ flashback. šŸ™‚
Second, thanks for the link, Aaron, didn’t know ‘m and that umbrella looks smart. Haven’t seen it in the wild, yet, though.

Comment by amsterdamize

Thanks for the link repair!

Haven’t see on yet either…but then again considering where I am any bicycle on the road is a rarity.

Basil makes good stuff I have there Karavan 2 bags and love them.


Comment by 2whls3spds

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