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July 10, 2008, 5:45 pm
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I’m packing up for a long weekend on the island of Texel, in the north of The Netherlands. As a kid I spent many summers there, but haven’t been back for at least 20 years. Gonna join my relatives, goof around with my niece and nephew and my guess is that I’ll probably come back with some Amsterdamize worthy footage, as I’ll be bringing my bike along. Hopefully, the weather will pick up a bit.

Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!

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Have fun!!!

Comment by Pleitegeiger

Thanks, Nicole, I will! Just don’t ask me to bring back a souvenir :).

Comment by amsterdamize

damn, why do you do this to me just before going to sleep and heading out for the weekend. Bastard! 🙂 And I thought tagging died a slow death some time ago. Foolish me.

(This will have to wait, obviously. *grin*]

Comment by amsterdamize

Have a great time!

Comment by bluefish

Awesome stuff man! That dune pic reminded me of the coast of Portugal where I live when I go down. Hope you enjoy yourself!

Comment by Nuno Teixeira

thank you both, Bluefish & Nuno, I just got back, it was great, totally chill, I feel my head is clear. I will certainly do this a few more times this summer. I also got inspired to finally try out kite surfing next time, the surf there is awesome.

Comment by amsterdamize

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