vélo liberté to all
July 14, 2008, 9:08 am
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Happy Quatorze Juillet to all the French, and I’m sure the Parisien and all those who are visiting will be storming the Vélib’, the new object of true liberation…and thanks for coining your city bike program the best way possible.

Image courtesy by Léah of Bike In The City

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Oui, c’est fantastique. Vive la vélorution!

Comment by Maria Gatti

Mais oui! 🙂

And: today is Vélib’s 1 year anniversary !

Comment by amsterdamize

That little drawing is beautiful – unfortunately I have been looking through the blog and find it very uneven – there are charming and witty drawings like that one, others that are lame or very cliché. I guess it comes of having to churn one out every day or so.

Félicitations, Vélib! Hope this leads to more and more bicycles – and bicycle paths – in Paris – and cleaner air!

Comment by Maria Gatti

I like this one where Léah is doing her Saturday shopping: sure she is laughing at herself shopping too much (she’ll learn…) but it is a funny combination of Amsterdam/Copenhagen utility and Parisian style…

Comment by Maria Gatti

You’re right, some are cliche, but I can live with that. Whether it’s Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin or any other cycle friendly cities, this will lead to more prosperity. Quality of life, health and plain happiness.

Comment by amsterdamize

Yes, it is a truly remarkable achievement. 20 or 30 years ago people were always saying town cycling was not part of the French “mentality”, and when Strasbourg became such a cycling-friendly town, this was a manifestation of its “German side”.

Comment by Maria Gatti

It goes without saying that people’s minds can be changed with the right stimulation/arguments. If that means that the French are more German than they thought…good! 🙂

Comment by amsterdamize

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