Meeting Henry of Workcycles
July 19, 2008, 7:04 pm
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Today I oozed to the other side of town to meet Henry Cutler of Workcycles. Up until today, we had only briefly talked on his blog and exchanged some e-mails. He’s an American expat with Dutch heritage (and closer to ‘home’ than I thought, because apparently he’s a far removed cousin of Michael Schaap, a good friend of mine) and he’s an extremely easy going and nice guy. Obviously, within minutes we started talking about Workcycle’s history, bikes, culture and other stuff. Meanwhile, I got to see his operation in action for a couple of hours with a few prospect customers walking in. Did I mention the Workcycles bikes are beautiful in style and functionality? 😉

I tested a few models and I couldn’t help but think I should have waited with buying my Sparta Pick Up. I don’t really regret it, but the Workcycles models are way up there and well worth the extra few hundred euros. One small consolation was that I still needed to have a good Brooks saddle, so no better place than Henry’s to replace it.

Here are some pics of my visit:

Meeting Henry of Workcycles Meeting Henry of Workcycles

Meeting Henry of Workcycles

Meeting Henry of Workcycles Meeting Henry of Workcycles

See the rest in the photo set.

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Great little article! Thanks for sharing with those of us who have not been there in person yet!
(been riding one of Henry’s workcycles in Portland Oregon for over two years now)

Comment by Scott Mizée

Scott, it’s no effort at all, it’s been a joy to get so many great responses in general, so as long as I keep doing what I’m doing, they’ll be more happy times.

PS: have you tried tossing the helmet yet on your rides through Portland, or will one be scolded for it, still?

Comment by amsterdamize

Henry is on my list of people to meet one day.
I wonder if he would be interested in opening up a branch shop here in the US? I have a feeling it may be needed before too long.


Comment by 2whls3spds

Aaron, I would ask him on his blog or e-mail him, henry at cycleworks dot com.

Comment by amsterdamize

That is lovely. He seems to be up in the Northeastern docklands?

Comment by Maria Gatti

thanks, Maria, no, but close, he’s at Veemarkt, in that industrial park of Amsterdam East, Zeeburg, the part you know so well :).

He’s about to open a 2nd store on Lijnbaansgracht, downtown.

Comment by amsterdamize

Well, if you should decide that you need to get rid of your bike to upgrade to one of Henry’s, I’d certainly be interested in having it shipped here to DC. Not only is it lovely, but people here would ask me what kind of bike it was, and I could scream, “THIS IS SPARTA!” and kick them into a swimming pool. What’s better than that?

Comment by chiggins

hahahahaha! The way you put it, it makes me sound like spoiled brat :). If I decide to do so, I will certainly give notice.

This is SPARTA!. Too funny.

Comment by amsterdamize

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