Get Your Bike On!
July 21, 2008, 2:47 pm
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Amsterdamize got featured on today! Mobuzz TV is an international video podcast (different shows for different countries) on internet/tech/culture/art/gadgets and all that’s related, based in Madrid. Don’t underestimate it, it’s got millions of viewers.

My good buddy Gabemac, the host of the Daily Buzz, apparently got inspired by my little bike blog adventure and related ones, such as Mikael’s and decided to dedicate the whole show to what we all love so much. Kudos to him and for being able to squeeze so much in, be it less than 7 minutes. Enjoy!

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It was really cool to see your site (and others) featured in Mobuzz’s special bike episode. Looks like your bike blog is really taking off, Marc!

Comment by Nicholas

thanks, man, and yes, I think so too, but I really love the fact that all of bicycling is getting so much attention.

Comment by amsterdamize

thank’s for the link. Nice one.

Comment by Tiago

cheers, Tiago!

Comment by amsterdamize

Thanks for sharing the video. It’s absolutely true that more people are giving more thought to biking. Our kids bought a bike for my husband on his last birthday. He recently rode his bike to work. We’ll see what happens with that! I enjoy your blog.

Comment by teeveebee

that’s good news, teeveebee, nice reversal (kids-father). I’m sure he’ll love it more and more! But, if that’s not the case, have him come over to this blog or wait for the new Bike To Work book to come out!

Thanks, appreciate your contribution.

Comment by amsterdamize

This is very cool. We should advocate more on bike culture, especially in North America where people are always relying on cars.

Comment by bluefish

60% of my traffic is from the US đŸ™‚

Comment by amsterdamize

Also that we would do without your excellent idea

Comment by labbless

great videos guys!

i have a question how u put the video on the desk of your word press
i cudnt

let me know please

Comment by Rafael Bravo

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