Pedaling Hard
July 23, 2008, 1:12 am
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I’ve just about finished working on two new interweb homes for Amsterdamize:

The first will show a new design, but the same familiar content, text, photos and videos. I created the second (Amsterdamize : Bicycle TV) for your convenience, so you can browse through all of the videos in one place. Much better, I think.

Things left to do, which will probably take a few days:

  • Automatically redirecting you and other visitors from the ‘old’ blog to the new one
  • Transferring the rest of the extensive blogroll and other info
  • Tweaking quite a few posts for optimal performance

Things for further consideration:

  • If you’re subscribed through this feed, you don’t have to worry about changing it for the new blog, it’s still the same one
  • You can now also opt to just subscribe exclusively to the videos through the Bicycle TV RSS feed, iTunes or Miro.

Special note: I’d like to thank NunoXEI for creating that amazingly fitting logo for the new blog. I owe you one, my friend!

Let me know what you think of it all! I appreciate suggestions and ideas!

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Congrats Marc. The new sites look great. Oh, and I just added the video blog to iTunes 😉

Comment by Nicholas

thanks, man, happy you like it! You’ve got an exclusive, once again! 🙂

Comment by amsterdamize

I’m so excited about the new sites! And I’ve been inspired to make my own bicycle movies. Thanks so much. Cheers to you.

Comment by Kate

Kate, you make my day! I’m so looking forward to that! Thank you, I’m humbled.

The new sites will be up by tonight, CET.

Comment by amsterdamize

And here’s my new site! I look forward to linking to yours.

Comment by Kate

great, Kate! Love it already!

Comment by amsterdamize

On these work-bike trips when I pedal hard going up a hill and resistance increases, my chain slips, the gear doesn’t change usually …

Comment by

Ah so this is where the switch happened… I’d love to hear an autobiography the amsterdamize blog, you have interesting and touching writing. Glad you started blogging!

Comment by walkeaglerock

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