Amsterdamize Bicycle TV : Around The Block
July 24, 2008, 12:31 am
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I’ve reached the final stage of moving blogs, which means that most of you won’t be able to load them, due to DNS changes that will be finalized tomorrow. Hence, I’m putting today’s post up here as well. Thanks to Nicholas for alerting me.

The summer returned today after 3 weeks of rain. A good reason to take a detour around the block while shopping for groceries and flip out the phone camera.

Camera: Nokia N95
Color correction/distortion was applied


Cyclus Noctem
July 18, 2008, 10:00 am
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3 A.M., July 17 2008.

3 A.M. City Cycling

this is my new baby
July 15, 2008, 5:03 pm
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A Dutch Sparta Pickup transport bike, bought at Het Zwarte Fietsenplan. I love it to death already. More about this beauty later on, now I have to [slowly] ride into town and meet a friend at a terrace.

my latest acquisition
(Click on the image, it will take you to more pictures)

Amsterdamize Bicycle Vlog #2: “I Can’t Slow Down”
June 25, 2008, 4:52 pm
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No, I really can’t.

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Amsterdamize : A Bicycle Commute Vlog
June 24, 2008, 7:02 pm
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Bringing you along on one of my A to B A to B to C to B bicycle commutes through downtown Amsterdam. Mind you, there is some occasional swearing involved, not safe for work. 🙂

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A Man Can Dream
May 29, 2008, 8:58 pm
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Pashley Gov’nor, originally uploaded by mindcaster.

I’ve never bought a specialty bike in my life. A bike’s a bike, you go from A to B, no fuss. You know, Dutch pragmatism.

My renewed love for biking, accompanied by the slow build of my bike blog, got me into a lot of browser shopping, looking for something smooth, something vintage, something that would elevate my moments on the road…excuse me, bike lane.

A few weeks ago I clicked into the Pashley Gov’nor. Instant bookmark and my curiosity grew by the day. Weighing it against so many practical reasons why I shouldn’t want to buy it, I’ve now decided.

This summer I will glide. And I need it him to go with me on at least one Europe city trip…I’m sure it he won’t object.

Yes, I think this one will get his own name) I shall call him Henry.

Zero To 37, Part 1: The Formative Years
May 28, 2008, 9:59 pm
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1971- 1981 (forget the five stages of Erik Erikson)

  • Ability to bike without side wheels preceeds being fully potty trained.
  • That, or you’ve tasted all kinds of bug meats in a suicide position.
  • Quickly you opt for the back position, since you’re the oldest.
  • Every day until age of 5 ends with scars you’re proud of.
  • Ice skating is more fun behind a spiked bike.
  • Your dad is the coolest, because he does allow you to stand straight up on the back and be King.
  • One day a year you’re allowed to haul cans behind your bike through town at 6 A.M., and it isn’t a child wedding.
  • It wasn’t weird at all your dad created a customized bike box for the family’s 11 year old Boxer dog.
  • Every vacation, abroad or at home, your family reserves more space for bikes than their offspring.
  • Every vacation on a domestic island your parents make you peel shrimps and carry the bucket with you on your 20 km ride back to your tent.
  • Every vacation abroad you see the romantic benefits of being the cute blonde kid on the odd bike.
  • The increasing need for speed doesn’t translate into a Tour de France ‘Jan Jansen’ bike, just more scar trophies.
  • Hand me down bikes from older brother get systematically demolished ‘by accident’. Or handed down to youngest.
  • No brakes, no lights, no worries. It’s all about anticipation. It’s fun, too.
  • So is catapulting your older brother at 30 km/h down a dune bike path by sticking an umbrella in his front wheel spokes.
  • How he ended up breaking his big toe in the spokes at the same time, was a freak of bike nature.
  • Washing line clippers with cartons on the front and back wheel frames will never loose their charme.
  • Riding 65 km with family to point B with head on storm isn’t funny, even on a brand new purple Gazelle.
  • Riding back 65 km with wind direction changing 180 degrees is called Dutch Cycle Karma.
  • You realize you’re one year away from going to highschool and you suddenly need a grownups bike.
  • Your suburbia biking mentality is oblivious to the city slicker evil of your future fellow juniors.