Meeting Henry of Workcycles
July 19, 2008, 7:04 pm
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Today I oozed to the other side of town to meet Henry Cutler of Workcycles. Up until today, we had only briefly talked on his blog and exchanged some e-mails. He’s an American expat with Dutch heritage (and closer to ‘home’ than I thought, because apparently he’s a far removed cousin of Michael Schaap, a good friend of mine) and he’s an extremely easy going and nice guy. Obviously, within minutes we started talking about Workcycle’s history, bikes, culture and other stuff. Meanwhile, I got to see his operation in action for a couple of hours with a few prospect customers walking in. Did I mention the Workcycles bikes are beautiful in style and functionality? 😉

I tested a few models and I couldn’t help but think I should have waited with buying my Sparta Pick Up. I don’t really regret it, but the Workcycles models are way up there and well worth the extra few hundred euros. One small consolation was that I still needed to have a good Brooks saddle, so no better place than Henry’s to replace it.

Here are some pics of my visit:

Meeting Henry of Workcycles Meeting Henry of Workcycles

Meeting Henry of Workcycles

Meeting Henry of Workcycles Meeting Henry of Workcycles

See the rest in the photo set.


Mama Bakfiets Race
May 18, 2008, 4:30 pm
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Today I biked over to the Vondelpark to see if the announced ‘Mama Bakfiets Race’ would be as much fun as the title promised it to be.
Mama Bakfiets Race
Organized by Viva Mama Magazine as a charity event for (donating medicines to pregnant African women with HIV, thus reducing the chance that the infants are born with HIV by 50%), it was no bare bone event, everything was taken care of.

I also bumped into Marlooz, who’s was there for professional purposes, filming the event. As it was about a race between moms on bakfietsen, often with kids on board, through Vondelpark, going from leg to leg, I proposed she could hop on the back of my bike to continue filming, adding some ‘action’ to her footage. Of course, you don’t have to ask a Dutch girl twice, excellent idea.

It was pretty amazing to see the moms’ agility on the mostly heavily packed bakfietsen while performing the stage tasks. Ranging from obstacle course to jousting. Yes, jousting. I shot some video of that, and here’s the result, you be the judge:

It was fun and truly a typical Dutch cycle phenomenon. Not something this blog was allowed to miss.

You can find the rest of my pictures here.

You bakfiets, they bakfiets, everybody bakfietst
May 2, 2008, 9:38 am
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Henry from Bakfiets already layed it out in a comment on Dutchbikeseattle:

If I may be a bit obsessive here, there is already a verb for riding a bakfiets: “bakfietsen”. In its infinitive form its spelled the same as the plural noun but would be conjugated into:
– ik bakfiets (I cargocycle)
– hij/zij bakfietst (he/she cargocycles)
– wij bakfietsen (we cargocycle)
– ik/hij/zij/wij bakfietste (I/he/she/we cargocycled)

bakfietsless? No: “bakfietsloos”
And one more: “bakfietsachtig” being like (but not really) a bakfiets.

In true Copenhagen Girls On Bikes style I shot a pic of a bakfietsster (feminine grammatical gender for ‘bakfietser’) on my way to the office. I call it “Practically Chic”.