Zero To 37, Part 1: The Formative Years
May 28, 2008, 9:59 pm
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1971- 1981 (forget the five stages of Erik Erikson)

  • Ability to bike without side wheels preceeds being fully potty trained.
  • That, or you’ve tasted all kinds of bug meats in a suicide position.
  • Quickly you opt for the back position, since you’re the oldest.
  • Every day until age of 5 ends with scars you’re proud of.
  • Ice skating is more fun behind a spiked bike.
  • Your dad is the coolest, because he does allow you to stand straight up on the back and be King.
  • One day a year you’re allowed to haul cans behind your bike through town at 6 A.M., and it isn’t a child wedding.
  • It wasn’t weird at all your dad created a customized bike box for the family’s 11 year old Boxer dog.
  • Every vacation, abroad or at home, your family reserves more space for bikes than their offspring.
  • Every vacation on a domestic island your parents make you peel shrimps and carry the bucket with you on your 20 km ride back to your tent.
  • Every vacation abroad you see the romantic benefits of being the cute blonde kid on the odd bike.
  • The increasing need for speed doesn’t translate into a Tour de France ‘Jan Jansen’ bike, just more scar trophies.
  • Hand me down bikes from older brother get systematically demolished ‘by accident’. Or handed down to youngest.
  • No brakes, no lights, no worries. It’s all about anticipation. It’s fun, too.
  • So is catapulting your older brother at 30 km/h down a dune bike path by sticking an umbrella in his front wheel spokes.
  • How he ended up breaking his big toe in the spokes at the same time, was a freak of bike nature.
  • Washing line clippers with cartons on the front and back wheel frames will never loose their charme.
  • Riding 65 km with family to point B with head on storm isn’t funny, even on a brand new purple Gazelle.
  • Riding back 65 km with wind direction changing 180 degrees is called Dutch Cycle Karma.
  • You realize you’re one year away from going to highschool and you suddenly need a grownups bike.
  • Your suburbia biking mentality is oblivious to the city slicker evil of your future fellow juniors.

Travel Cycle Video Flash Back
May 21, 2008, 12:23 pm
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When I lived in NYC back in the day, I tried to bike as much as was humanly possible (sans helmet :)), but back then there were no handy little camera’s to shoot video. Years later I returned to one of my favorite cities, San Francisco, at a time when there WERE ample means to do so (however crappy the quality).

Riding your bike in SF can be challenging (no real bike lanes, hills, etc), but other aspects of this great city made up for that. Examples:

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge
“Dec 28 started stormy, but it cleared up in the afternoon. So an excellent opportunity for a bike trip accross the Golden Gate Bridge, vlog style. No one got hurt during this recording.”

Turning right off GGB, speeding down to Sausalito
“After getting off the Golden Gate Bridge we turned right, and followed the way down to Sausalito. Obviously I had to brake occasionally, as I was holding the camera.”

Riding down North Point
“As I have done this in Amsterdam many times, I thought I’d give it a try in SF. Going down North Point. Lucky to have hit green lights..mostly.”

I’ve put those three recordings in one single video:

Amsterdamized – Spot The Cycling Tourist
May 4, 2008, 9:13 pm
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Some are easy, some less obvious, but it’s all in good spirit. Just to highlight the quirkiness of Amsterdamized cyclists. (Click on image to add a note to it on Flickr)

Amsterdamize - Spot The Cycling Tourist


Amsterdamize - Spot The Cycling Tourist


Amsterdamize - Spot The Cycling Tourist


Amsterdamize - Spot The Cycling Tourist


Amsterdamize - Spot The Cycling Tourist
(This one includes Spot The Walking Tourists 🙂


Amsterdamize - Spot The Cycling Tourist


Amsterdamize - Spot The Cycling Tourist


More to spot in the Amsterdamize Flickr set.

You bakfiets, they bakfiets, everybody bakfietst
May 2, 2008, 9:38 am
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Henry from Bakfiets already layed it out in a comment on Dutchbikeseattle:

If I may be a bit obsessive here, there is already a verb for riding a bakfiets: “bakfietsen”. In its infinitive form its spelled the same as the plural noun but would be conjugated into:
– ik bakfiets (I cargocycle)
– hij/zij bakfietst (he/she cargocycles)
– wij bakfietsen (we cargocycle)
– ik/hij/zij/wij bakfietste (I/he/she/we cargocycled)

bakfietsless? No: “bakfietsloos”
And one more: “bakfietsachtig” being like (but not really) a bakfiets.

In true Copenhagen Girls On Bikes style I shot a pic of a bakfietsster (feminine grammatical gender for ‘bakfietser’) on my way to the office. I call it “Practically Chic”.