The Big 3-7
June 6, 2008, 10:36 pm
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bikes of Amsterdam, originally uploaded by stjerne.

I was so preoccupied running around the interwebs, I forgot it was 23 minutes past midnight. I’ve already turned 37 years young. That deserves a fitting picture, especially on this new blog of mine.

Will decide this weekend on the how/where/when to celebrate this momentous occasion..:)

Update: I just have to post this great article from The Independent, with one particular excerpt:

‘Wheel life: A guide to Britain’s new bike tribes’

There are more bicyles on Britain’s roads than ever before – and in more shapes, sizes and styles. But who’s who in the nation’s new bike tribes?

The Tribe: Sit-up-and-beg Brigade
The Rider: Sian Emmison
The Bike: Bobbin Playbike

Riding traditional uprights is all about sitting up and cruising around town serenely – not tearing around with your head down. It’s not aerodynamic but we’re not interested in speed so much as comfort and style.

My bike has really wide handlebars which I can hang all my shopping from, and I’ve got a lovely straw pannier on the back.

You get a weird cross-section of people who go for uprights. There are young retro girls who want a bike to go with the whole vintage look, Europeans who are used to that style of bike, older people who want a bike like the one they used to ride, and trendy kids who want something vintage but edgy, painted in bright colours.

I’m a retro girl. I wear a lot of vintage clothes on my bike and can even cycle in a skirt and a mac.

My bike really sums up my values – it’s all about looking old-fashioned but being modern. Pashleys fall into the same category but I think the bikes are a bit square to be honest – people who look like librarians ride them.

Pashley or Bobbin – we all tend to get ignored on the road, especially by couriers who hate us because we’re always going too slowly for them. They just act like we’re not there! 


When in da Dam, do as Amsterdammers do (update: video)
May 13, 2008, 9:16 am
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Gashizzl, originally uploaded by mindcaster.

…just don’t start the card flippin’ drinking game, then you’ll get something like this