Interview with Mikael Colville-Andersen
July 18, 2008, 7:03 pm
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Cycloculture just posted their excellent interview with Mikael “The Sartorialist On Two Wheels” Colville-Andersen of Copenhagen Cycle Chic, Copenhagenize & The Slow Bicycle Movement. An excerpt of what can be applied to cycling in the Netherlands and Amsterdam as well:

“Q: How have Copenhagen and other European cities made travel by bicycle so easy, accepted, and fashionable? What can cities in the USA and other parts of the world do to emulate the best elements of Copenhagen’s cycling culture?

A: Copenhagen has been dedicated to creating ‘liveable spaces for living people’ for the better part of four decades. Bicycle infrastructure is a big part of it, but not the only part. It is a classic tale of ‘if you build it, they will come.’ If you give your citizens the opportunity to ride, by providing separated bike lanes and facilities, they will ride. If you help present cycling as easy and fast and accessible, branding it as an acceptable form of transport, they will ride. Less focus on safety – people aren’t stupid – more focus on the benefits of cycling – personal and societal – and you are planting the seeds of bicycle culture. In North America, the sports industry have worked hard for decades to sell cycling as a sport or a hobby. Now we need to get people to realise it doesn’t have to be only a sport. It is transport for people in normal clothes. 54% of Copenhageners ride their bikes because it’s easy and fast. Using your bike is a given here. It’s second nature. It’s not something you think about. You just do it.”


Bike To Work Book Podcast nr 1
July 14, 2008, 12:16 pm
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Last week, together with Mikael from Copenhagen Cycle Chic, Copenhagenize & The Slow Bicycle Movement, I was a special guest on the first Bike To Work podcast by Carlton Reid and Tim Grahl to talk about cycling in Amsterdam, as a prelude to the launch of the Bike To Work book, to which Mikael and I will be contributing a few pages.

Go ahead and have a listen through the player you see below, or just subscribe to the podcast on their website. Oh, and obviously, buy the book when it comes out, from what I hear it’s gonna be a must-read…;-)