A Man Can Dream
May 29, 2008, 8:58 pm
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Pashley Gov’nor, originally uploaded by mindcaster.

I’ve never bought a specialty bike in my life. A bike’s a bike, you go from A to B, no fuss. You know, Dutch pragmatism.

My renewed love for biking, accompanied by the slow build of my bike blog, got me into a lot of browser shopping, looking for something smooth, something vintage, something that would elevate my moments on the road…excuse me, bike lane.

A few weeks ago I clicked into the Pashley Gov’nor. Instant bookmark and my curiosity grew by the day. Weighing it against so many practical reasons why I shouldn’t want to buy it, I’ve now decided.

This summer I will glide. And I need it him to go with me on at least one Europe city trip…I’m sure it he won’t object.

Yes, I think this one will get his own name) I shall call him Henry.