November 15, 2008, 11:30 pm
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This is a test

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testing new designs, are we?

looks interesting, and the photographic header has a great potential, weather you make it dynamic or you change it from time to time

Comment by álvaro

I am Erin & I am working  for a London based media agency called ,”Awesome Resources”.  Awesome Resources is working with “” for boosting their online presence.
ProvizSports have designed some Great Hi-Visibility sports-wear, Which we love, as it is, not attractive only. But, improves the safety of the wear-er dramatically. We have recently designed  a great info-graphic  that outlines only , that  how  important these products are for people, whom you can view on their website here: (“).
I really like your blog &  I think that your followers would love to hear about ‘ProvizSports’ Great products. Furthermore, ProvizSports would love the opportunity to have one of their products reviewed on your blog and would like to send you a free sample of one of their products.
Let me know, If this offer is something that interests you and I have a product sample that I will send  you immediately. It would be great to hear from you.


Comment by Erin

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